Filipinos’ Love .PH: A Domain Extension Worth Celebrating!

In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is essential for individuals and businesses alike. Choosing the right domain extension is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of a website. While .com has long been the go-to choose for many, Filipino citizens have increasingly shown their love for the .PH domain extension.

According to Data Provider, “Choosing between a ccTLD and a gTLD isn’t just a technical decision but a strategic one. If you want to focus on local presence, cultural connections, or compliance with regional regulations, a ccTLD may be the perfect fit”. This can be seen as many notable brands both locally and globally have launched .PH websites such as, and etc.

In this press release, we’ll explore why .PH domains are gaining popularity among Filipinos and provide statistics to support this trend. In fact, according to Data Provider, a reputable data expert company, 50% of all Philippine websites now use a .PH domain as compared to only 50% using .com even though .com is much older.

Why .PH is Winning Hearts in the Philippines

1. Reflecting Local Identity: One of the primary reasons for the popularity of .PH among Filipino citizens is its ability to reflect their local identity. The .PH domain extension is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) specifically designated for the Philippines. When businesses and individuals choose .PH, they are signaling their commitment to the Philippines and its unique opportunities and culture.

Furthermore, the Philippines enjoys the second highest National Pride Score of 89.1% according to the ‘World Values Survey Wave 7 in 2019’ by the World Values Survey at thus another indicator demonstrating why Philippine citizens have an increasing preference for .PH websites. Simply stated a strong sense of patriotism is evident in the Philippines and supports that using a .PH domain is the best choice to appeal to Filipinos.

Source: ‘World Values Survey Wave 7 in 2019’ by the World Values Survey at

2. Trust and Credibility: Studies show that internet users often associate ccTLDs with trust and credibility. For Philippine-based businesses, having a .PH domain can signal to customers that they are local, authentic, and dedicated to serving their community.

3. Availability and Personalization: Unlike the highly saturated .com domain space, .PH domains offer more opportunities for personalization. Users can often find the domain name they desire without resorting to complex variations or obscure combinations. This makes .PH a practical choice for businesses looking to create memorable and brand-relevant web addresses.

Data Provider’s Insights

For a broader perspective on ccTLDs vs. gTLDs, we recommend reading Data Provider’s article, “ccTLDs vs. gTLDs: Who Wins and Where” that can be found at This comprehensive study provides insights into the global domain landscape and how different extensions are faring in various regions. While .com remains a popular choice globally, the article explores the unique advantages of ccTLDs like .PH in connecting with local audiences.

In conclusion, .PH is becoming the domain extension of choice for many Philippine citizens, businesses, and organizations. Its ability to reflect local identity, enhance trust and credibility, and offer personalization options has led to its increasing popularity. As the .PH domain registry, we are proud to support our fellow Filipinos in their digital endeavors and look forward to a future where .PH continues to shine as a symbol of the Philippines’ vibrant online community.

Source: ‘ccTLDs vs. gTLDs: Who wins and where?’ by Veronika Vilgis at

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