DTI scraps complaints vs dotPH

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has dismissed all the complaints filed against DotPH, the Philippine Domain Registry.

In a letter sent to dotPH, the National Capital Region Office of the DTI issued an update on the five complaints that it had looked into. The letter also stated that there are no further complaints against dotPH lodged before the DTI-NCR.

Four of the complaints were dismissed outright for reasons ranging from “lack of interest” to “failure to prosecute” on the part of the complainants.

Mediation Result

The lone remaining complaint was forwarded to the DTI Office of Legal Affairs for arbitration after efforts at finding a mediated solution failed. This has since been “dismissed with prejudice” by the Office of Legal Affairs, in light of the complainants formally withdrawing their complaint against dotPH.

Dismissal Order

The whole affair started early last year when accusations against dotPH were aired on a couple of mailing lists. After often-contentious discussions between the complainants and dotPH, which received substantial press and caused a stir in local IT circles, the DTI stepped in and asked that these accusations be substantiated.

Despite claims of thousands of complaints, only fifteen were actually filed with the DTI on the eve of the deadline last April of 2001. The DTI later narrowed these down to five that it considered worthy of further action on its part.

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